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At a time when global forces are strengthening and localism struggles to reassert itself, there is a need to re-examine the place which cities take in the social and economic order and this is what the European Urban Research Association (EURA) aims to achieve. This web site provides information about the origins of EURA, its aims and objectives and its charter. It also gives information about past and present EURA events, including conferences and workshops. Look also at our ’About Us‘ section to see that the future is largely urban.

Don’t forget, of course, to visit our EURA Expertise section aimed at stimulating networking and funding opportunities in urban research.

Call for Participation: 

Metros in the long run

Keeping ageing infrastructure fit for the 21st century

17-18 June 2014, Berlin, Germany


5 Reasons to attend:

1. Learn from experienced top managers about the renovation strategies for the networks in (among others) Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Tokyo, London, Montreal and Hong-Kong

2. Discuss the best strategies for project implementation in the interactive Q&A at the end of each session

3. Assess the positive impact of refurbishment projects in capacity and customer satisfaction

4. Let the high-level roundtables discussions inspire you on how to “sell” such costly projects to political decision-makers

5. Take part in a technical visit to Berlin’s Line 8 refurbishment works

Call for Participation: 

Re-building Trust in Local Governments:

Re-thinking Politics, Management and Governance in the Post-NPM Era Joint PhD-Training School

organized by The University of Siena, the EUROLOC and EURA Summer school cooperationand the COST Action IS1207 “Local Public Sector Reforms: An International Comparison (LocRef)”
September 29 to October 02, 2014
For more information click here

EURA-UAA Joint Conference 2014: ”City Futures III”

Cities as Strategic Places and Players in a Globalized World

Paris-Ile de France, 18-20 June 2014

The third City Futures Conference in Paris was a very successful event. Our sincere thanks go to all the colleagues and friends that helped so much to make the conference happen. Thank you to those who served on the International Scientific Committee, and warm thanks to Jill Simone Gross and Robin Hambleton who have taken a lead in organising the UAA involvement and, of course, sincere thanks to Christian Lefèvre, Claire Gervais and all the Local Host Team in Paris who have done so much work to make this conference happen. Thank you also to all the speakers and session chairs.

EURA offers all participants of the conference that are not members so far free individual membership for one year (July 2014 – June 2015). Please find the form here and send it back to the EURA secretariat.

Plans for the 2015 are already in place!

Next year the EURA Conference will take place in from Sibiu, Romania from 17-20 September 2015. The next annual focus will be Transforming cities, transformative cities. More information will soon be available here.

Introducing the launch of the new EURA Small Grant Scheme

This is a new scheme agreed upon by the Governing Board of EURA in 2013 to promote the aims of the association. Consistent with the three aims of EURA this new scheme is focussed on assisting international dialogue and provides small one-off grants to facilitate multidisciplinary explorative workshops or events.
The three aims of EURA are:
  • To encourage international exchange and co-operation in relation to urban research
  • To stimulate and encourage interdisciplinary and cross-border urban research
  • To contribute to urban policy debates.
For details on the call for grant applications, please click here

EURA Journal: Urban Research & Practice     

EURA launched their journal Urban Research & Practice in 2008. For  further information and ’Call for Papers‘ visit the Journal page.

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If you have an enquiry concerning EURA or the website please contact the EURA Secretariat